Denis Rothman

Artificial Intelligence Author, Speaker, Instructor | Transformer Expert:OpenAI GPT-3, Google BERT | I4.0 SCM SME

on AI, XAI, and Transformers:

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✍What I am and do:

✔Foundation Model Expert(transformers models) : OpenAI Codex-GPT-3, Google BERT, T5, more. OpenAI Codex and GPT-3 engine and Google BERT.

✔ Artificial Intelligence Expert, inventor, designer, and full-stack developer of 3 cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions that I’ve been innovating using Python AI/ML/DL, Tensorflow, IBM Watson, AWS(Amazon), IBM Q, Azure, Google Cloud.

✔ 1. I designed of the first AI cognitive Chatbots 30+ years ago applied to a cognitive & digitized language teaching chatbot. I customized it for Moët et Chandon(LVMH). In the process, I registered one of the first word2vector patents and AI bot/robot patents. For more:

✔ 2. An AI resource optimizing system. First written for Aerospatiale(now Airbus) for a tactical optimization project. Then written in Horn Clauses in Prolog for IBM and delivered to Agfa. I then implemented a pattern detecting machine learning version in C++ Promod for fabric control for their 1000+ shops and many other corporations. I also transposed it in Java for Longchamp and presently in Python/Tensorflow for my books.

✔ 3. An AI APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) solution based on cognitive patterns.
This #AI software is used worldwide in aerospace, train, energy, apparel, and many other corporate fields. Designed initially as a cognitive AI program for IBM, it then went on to become a robust C++ Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution used to this day. I developed(Python) an experimental Automated Planning and Scheduling solution for my books.

🌄My AI algorithms for corporations are optimizing programs thus reducing carbon emissions. Think green! 💚


”Industry 4.0 Artificial Intelligence”