Dr. Stefano Bartoli

Managing Director of Centro Di Terepia, Italy

Expert in coaching, professional training and organization development with several years of international experience. Currently Managing Director of the Centro di Terapia Strategica of Arezzo, I developed my skills in the field dealing with educational programs design and international relations with over 10 different countries.

Able to implement the problem-solving methodology, I have been very successful in providing professional training paths to different countries worldwide (Russia, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Paraguay, Argentina, USA, etc.). The gained experiences make me able to plan and provide complex training and coaching projects always aiming at performance improvement.
Skilled in change management and business consulting, I have always stood out for being a professional with a strong systemic view able to promote personal/organizational development practices in order to support the competitive business strategies.

Specialties: Coaching | Training | HR management | Strategic Planning | Organizational Development | Public Speaking | Problem-Solving Strategy | Brief Therapy | Strategic Communications | Operations Management | International Relations | Change Management


”The Real Goal of the New World”