Elia Guardiola

CEO Serendipia, Spain

CEO of Serendipia and founder of the StoryEmotion School. Specialized in Emotional and Experiential Marketing, Storytelling and StoryExperience. Teacher at international universities, business schools and companies around the world.

She is an international lecturer and with 17 years dedicated to Tourism Marketing, having been Director of Hotels and Head of the Marketing, Marketing and Communication departments of more than 100 hotels.
Named one of the 15 most influential people in Spanish-speaking Digital Marketing in September 2018

I have created the Theory of the 4 Pillars of Emotional Marketing and my own methodology to create storytelling through personal emotional SWOT applying emotional and discursive intelligence. Also, I am writing my second book, this one on Emotional Marketing and Storytelling with ANAYA publishing house.

In November 2019 my book on personal development and growth and poetry without applied theory was born, “Home is, wherever it is, with who it is”.


”EMOTIONAL STORYTELLING: Write your story. If you don’t write it, you don’t exist”