Gabriele Carboni

CEO Weevo, Italy

I happened to fail in the second year of high school. I didn’t have a study method, and I focused more on recreation than school. Although I came from a scientific high school, to move to a professional school I had to take an entrance exam. Obviously, I had not studied very much for that. My mother asked me how it went, and I burst into tears. Not because I was afraid the exam went wrong, actually because I didn’t know what to do with my life.

After school, I found a job as a technician in a computer shop, which I managed, eventually. I later found myself organizing the IT department, creating the website, and drafting a digital promotion strategy for a couple of companies.
The gravity of the marketing was attracting me as if I were its moon, but I still didn’t have clear ideas. So I took another turn. I founded Weevo to focus on the world of the Internet, websites, and Social Media.
Self-taught, I trained on the topics of marketing, advertising and sales. I started writing a blog and published my first book, Web Strategies for Foreign Markets (Hoepli).

In the meantime, I had the intuition that it was necessary to give shape to the digital marketing strategy, and I invented the Visual Communication Planner, the marketing canvas now downloaded by nearly 20,000 professionals and companies worldwide.
I felt the need to further train, so I enrolled in the MIT Executive Program on Digital Business Strategy. I am probably still the only Italian to have completed it.

The Marketing Distinguo was born from another intuition, the concept and method for answering the question: “Why should I buy from you?”. It was awarded at the DES in Madrid among the three best marketing innovations of 2019.
I am passionate about strategic communication, I have completed the Giorgio Nardone’s Master.
Going Global UK defined me as the “Leading expert in international digital marketing strategies”, while Digitalic included me among the 5 major Italian marketing influencers.

I am also the only consultant of BPER Banca for export strategies through digital channels, and I am part of the UNI commission for the definition of the legislation relating to the profession of Export Manager and Digital Export Manager.
With a little delay, perhaps a lot, compared to others, I finally found my way. Not only that, I realized what my purpose is and I see the direction to follow in the vision of my company.


”The Game-Changer of Digitial Marketing Strategies”