Prof. Franco F. Orsucci

Clinical Scientist – President, Mayfair Academy for Advanced Studies – President, Mind Force Society – Senior Consultant at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS FT – Visiting Professor at University College London

Visiting Professor, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, University College London. Lead Clinician and Consultant Psychiatrist, Cambridgeshire NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge.
Member of the Centre for the Study of Complex Systems at the University of Siena,
Member of the International Psychoanalytical Association.
Principal Investigator in Smart Cities research projects (social networks in social capital).
Main studies on language, synchronization, social networks and co-evolution.
His Mind Force Theory is linked to the organization of a series of interdisciplinary conferences.
Applied research on human interfaces; smart cities; bio-architecture.
Editor of the International Journal of Dynamical Systems Research, Chaos & Complexity Letters, Nova Science Publishers, New York.
Scientific papers, chapters and books, include:
The Complex Matters of the Mind (1998), Changing Mind (2002) and Mind Force (2009) are published by World Scientific, Singapore and London. Bioethics in Complexity (2004),is published by Imperial College Press, London. Reflexing Interfaces (2007) and Complexity Science, Living Systems, and Reflexing Interfaces (2012) are published by IGI International, New York.
Edited books in complexity science for Nova Science Publishers, New York.


“Don’t let Crisis Waste”