Shahin Fatemi

Chief Executive Officer Dosra Iran

I am co-founder and CEO of DORSA Group, which is an Iranian rooted fashion and lifestyle.
DORSA brand story in 2011 extended to the home, jewelry, and Cafe sub-brands with more than 30 integrated stores all around Iran, based on our core values and also lifestyle vision.
This story over the 30 years passed in production, branding and lifestyle development; and, DORSA will keep on going its following steps by D-line vision.
The future that we are creating today is interactive and dynamic for all our stakeholders and it’s funded on our authentic “DAAL” philosophy. And beyond the physical product, it will present a kind of merit to the people of the world, to live audaciously and in the light of their own personal and social excellence. Because we believe that what the future needs more than products, is for us to reach for our authentic roots and stand for a unified world with wisdom and audacity.


“Getting through the pandemic together Is there a human connection at the core of your brand’s story?”