Dennis Wakabayashi

Global voice of CX: Connector of people and resources leading to accelerated business transformation | Author | Public Speaker | Marketing Instructor at the University of Wisconsin- Madison

Most simply put, “I’m a connector” who helps people achieve their best lives in business.

Here’s a quick overview of who I am and how we might be right for each other.

Senior executives:
I connect executives to the best of class digital solutions and thought leaders in the world in order to attack “that one thing that keeps you up at night.”

Managers and Directors:
I both teach and provide access to business development teams who share the newest business solutions and leads across our network of divers business development leaders.

I teach digital marketing classes at leading universities in the United States. I can help craft your skills and grow your knowledge in the marketing industry. I also have a vast network of companies who often ask me to connect them to savvy students, so if you need a job, I’m a good resource and happy to help!

Being an influencer myself in the niche of marketing, I collaborate with fellow audience-builders. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or huge audience. Let’s work together to authentically add value to the industry.

International Leaders
I work in many major markets around the world including: Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, and North America. If you or someone you know, wants a master class on the topic of Customer Experience just let me know.

Industry Event Producers:
I appear at more than 15 events around the world each year where I speak to the latest marketing topics as well and I leverage my teaching background to serve as a workshop instructor. If you need a host for an event I can help with that as well.

Want to connect? Let’s have a virtual coffee sometime:


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