Sadia Kibra

Cheif Exceutive Officer | World Marketing Summit Group

I am ambitious to create a new paradigm for businesses to consider a strategic marketing direction while caring for all the direct and indirect stakeholders involved. I believe in Socialpreneurship, a practically implementable concept beyond triple-bottom-line and mere Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR. I think this will be the only way forward for businesses to compete effectively in the marketplace.

I have extensively spoken on the topic of ‘Socialpreneurship’, impacting global leaders & researchers from international organizations, government institutions, and corporates. I have presented alongside the world’s influential business leaders like Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing & Russ Klein, CEO of the American Marketing Association.

As a futuristic thought leader, my passion is to work towards global sustainability. I am recognized by Asia Times as one of the best global marketing minds.

My association with Professor Philip Kotler uniquely positioned me to implement the concept of Socialpreneurship in 50+ countries around the globe. As the CEO of Kotler Impact, I have worked with brands globally to transform their business strategies for better care of their stakeholders. These strategies include but are not limited to, delivering growth in marketing, brand recognition, disruptive innovation, and creativity.
Creating value in a diverse cultural environment places me uniquely as a strategic business leader within my specialized domain. I developed strong and resilient teams with expertise and knowledge spanning ideas around business ethics covering environment, customer care, marketing, collaboration, timeliness of analytical thinking, and critical decision making.

As a firm believer in continuous improvement through learning, innovation, and creativity, my focus is always pushing to raise the bar to achieve results beyond my initiatives and my business partners’ expectations.

My love for philanthropy and community service encouraged me to establish a non-profit in Canada to support single women and their families in need.

I look forward to creating a global impact by speaking on Socialpreneurship, Personal Branding & Women Empowerment.


”Humanizing Marketing in the next new normal”